Christmas Calendar with Poker Stars

POKER STARS offers a Christmas calendar this December

Christmas Calendar

Poker Stars is offering all their players a new and clever way to win some fantastic prizes with their jolly Christmas Calendar which starts December (1st – 27th 2015)
Christmas Calendar (December 1-25)

There is new prizes everyday up for grabs with $2 Million in prizes.

Join in the Christmas Spirit and countdown to Christmas day by opening a new calendar door each day of December to reveal new and exciting offers and spread the joy of your winnings.

This Calendar is not filled with Chocolate it’s filled with a new surprise each day from Poker Stars. The doors can be opened at 00:00ET every day from the 1st December 2015
You can find the Calendar in your Challenges window available on the Poker Stars Desktop client or Mobile App. Players can open a new door each day and reveal their new offer/ prize for that day only.

Play Poker this Christmas seasonSpecial Offer Details and Rules for the Christmas Calendar

• The Calendar door promotion will run from 00:00 ET on December 1 to 23:59 ET on December 25 2015.

• Each daily offer will only be available from 00:00 ET-23:59 ET only. All offers expire at 23:59 ET each day and will not be available after that even if you missed opening it.

• Offers will not be pre-announced. For example, on December 4 you can only open Christmas Calendar Door 4.

• The Special Offers and Rules for each daily Christmas Calendar offer will be outlined in the Calendar window under the information (i) button in the top right corner.

• Some of the daily Challenge offers will require players to click the ‘Start’ button to be eligible, which will be specified in the Challenges Window.

• Any Cash Rewards won through Calendar promotions can be used however you like – there are no restrictions or earning requirements on these special offers.

• For days with a bonus offer please note that cash out during that day will leave you ineligible to claim the bonus. Please note that a transfer to their sister site, Full Tilt, will also be considered a cash out, forfeiting bonus eligibility

Join Poker Stars for this jolly festive season and win big!

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