Casino Game Rules

All games have their own rules which you need to follow in some way or the other. In some cases you would need to follow the rules in a step by step way – this would apply to Slots in particular. Unless you first indicate how many lines you wish to play and how many credits you wish to play per line, there is no point in hitting the play/push button.

Moreover to many of the other games, although there are diffierent strategies, there is also a sequence of play. During play you may find yourself having to make a move or decision based on the hand you have should you be playing a card game.

Over the many years of table games being played, there has been a name put to where you may be seated, each move that you make, and even a name put to the move that one of your fellow players at the table makes (Game Lingo).

A particular game that uses two kinds of “lingo” is Bingo. You have what is known as “bingo lingo” or “bingo calling names” which is your ball calling names such as “Legs 11” or “21 key to the door”. Then you also have the Bingo “chat lingo” which is used when playing Bingo and participating in the chat and chat games. This “lingo” is abreviated sentances, as during the course of the bingo game being played, you are able to chat to other players or play chat games and there is pretty much no time to write long winded sentances, so players use such abreviations as ‘FAIK” meaning “as far as I know”, and “BLNT” which is “better luck next time”.

For the mere sake of interest and a little fun knowledge, take a little time off and go through the lingo used for each game – some of which one can find rather entertaining.