Comparison Between Vegas and Macau

The Ultimate Comparison Between Vegas and Macau – World’s Gambling Meccas

Many people grew up thinking that only one true gambling city existed – Las Vegas. This usually remains the case until they take a trip to Asia or come across information about the island city/state of Macau.

A lot of gamblers and other people looking for fun have been to Vegas on numerous occasions, but when they visit Macau, they are usually shocked to see names like MGM GRAND and The Venetian Casinos. The story doesn’t end here. These franchises have bigger casinos in this part of Asia than those in the US, and the number of visitors does not fall far behind the number of the Vegas’ guests.

Luckily for you, the team behind collected a lot of data and interesting facts about both gambling heavens and produced the infographic below. You should check it out and see how they compare. We are pretty sure that you’ll find a lot of information quite surprising, for example, that Macau makes much more money from revenue than Las Vegas.

Make sure to check it out and learn about other interesting facts and stats about these two gambling kingdoms.