Online Baccarat

Casino Table Card Game – Baccarat Game Review

Despite its image as an ‘aloof’, exclusive and prestigious game, baccarat is actually one of the simplest games to be played in any casino. This card based table game, has become wildly popular thanks to not only the James Bond movies, but also the age of online casino gambling. Playing baccarat at an online casinos allows you to play this card game at your own pace.


Baccarat was revived in the Middle Ages and is said to have originated from an ancient Etruscan ritual. The word ‘baccarat’ is slang for the Italian ‘zero’ and the game became very popular among Italian and French nobility during the 1500s. The game traveled from England, South America and finally to the United States, where it became a firm fixture in the their land based casinos. Mini-baccarat evolved from the average American gambling need for a game that involved less ceremony and easier table card game rules.

The objective of baccarat is a simple one: Players wager which of the two sides (player or banker) will reach closest to the total number of nine on hands of two or three cards. Players’ involvement in the game need only be to bet on one side or the other, making it one of the easiest games to understand at the casino. Punto Banco is an American version of the game where the bank is the casino.

In scoring, an ace is worth 1, 2 – 9 is face value, 10 and faces cards are worth 0. Some of the games have rules attached so it’s good to view the rules before commencing play. You can find out much more about Baccarat by reading the detailed description of baccarat at Wikipedia. For more details on the rules and the scoring in baccarat, you can view our baccarat rules page.