Playing Online Slots

As online casinos get more and more popular it is not surprising that the related slot and gaming machines are also becoming popular online. You can play all kinds of slot machines at online casinos and enjoy well simulated casino conditions such as the same payouts and bonuses from the comfort of your own home

Simulations are online slot machines designed to look and play in the same way as a real life machine. These are developed with classic sounds and styles of games and payouts are as advertised and the results are random; all controlled by software that ensures these conditions are met. Machines can payout as much as 95% and the odds are displayed so you can choose your desired rate of return, but be careful that you are getting what you expect; a casino advertising a high payout may be referring to the average across all machines, or even just the highest paying machines.

There are different types of slot machines that payout in different ways. Progressive jackpots are linked to several machines and the jackpot keeps rising until it is won and then it returns to a lower amount to start again. Multi pay line machines have more than one possible win line, but you will need to pay a stake for each line that you want to play; choosing more lines gives you a better chance of winning but will cost more for each spin. Multiplier machines give you the option of how much you want to stake; and a higher stake pays out more.

With an online casino you have the choice of playing directly online, or downloading software to your machine to allow you to play. With downloaded software you will generally have a wider range of games with better graphics than the non download variety, but you do have to wait for the software to download before you play. Online casinos have technical support available if you have any problems with the software and due to the lower overheads than those of a physical casino the payout percentages tend to be a little bit better.

With easy access and a wide range of slot machine games online casinos are one of the fastest growing online businesses. So whether you like playing classic style slots, progressive jackpots or the kind of slot machines that are based on hands in poker there is sure to be an online casino with the games to suit you.