Unfair Online Promotions

Gambling firms told to stop unfair online promotions – Following a joint Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and Gambling Commission investigation, Operators have been ordered to change the way they offer bonus promotions.

A report posted by Craig Davies on the Totally Gaming website indicated that certain terms in within promotions offered could be deemed to be “unfair, in breach of consumer protection law, and could mislead consumers,” firms have been instructed to take immediate steps to address these issues.

Amongst the promotions under most scrutiny, the CMA report states that some adverts “are designed to attract players onto casino-like gaming websites by offering bonus funds after players deposit their own money.”

The Gambling Commission has instructed that the whole sector must be prompt in addressing concerns raised, with three operators, Ladbrokes, William Hill and PT Entertainment, a Playtech subsidiary, already committed.

Those found not to be adapting the changes immediately have been warned that they will face regulatory action from the Commission as this is seen to be urgent.

Some of the factors set out by the CMA states that:

• Players won’t be required to play multiple times before they can withdraw their own money
• Gambling firms must ensure that any restrictions on gameplay are made clear to players, and cannot rely on vague terms to confiscate players’ money
• Gambling firms must not oblige players to take part in publicity

Industry marketing veteran Harry Lang has been speaking to TotallyGaming.com about the report, and its prospective changes: “ He said – I fully support and agree with the CMA’s mandate around gaming promotions. This is about delivering a more transparent and fair experience to bettors, and that can only be a positive step on gaming’s journey to credibility and acceptance.