Video Gaming and Gambling

Video Gaming and Gambling

It has been brought to the notice of parents in the U.K. that there is a possible problem that is brewing in children playing certain Video Games that have been proven to be a form of Gambling.

This message to parents comes to light in view of the fact that two persons were issued with fines having admitting to taking part in illegal gambling activities and were actively running an illegal betting website with the video game ‘Fifa 17’.

The two perpetrators were well aware of children playing on the site and that this was illegal but chose to ignore the fact in order to receive the dividends.

There are hundreds of reputable online casinos all of which are licensed and controlled in order to protect children and vulnerable people.

Anyone wishing to Gamble on Online need to at all times make sure that they are fully aware of the rules and regulation that not only pertain to the websites and casinos but also what is acceptable and not acceptable in the jurisdiction in which they live as “Ignorance” is not an excuse and heavy fines can be issued.