Let ’em Ride Poker

Let Them Ride Poker – Game Review

Let Them Ride (also known as Let ’em Ride, Ride on Poker and Poker Ride) is based on the hugely popular land-based card game, Let it Ride Poker. A variant of 5 Card Stud Poker, the game has a regular following at online casinos and is considered one of the best poker options around.

Poker Ride (Let them Ride)

While most card games can trace their origins back to the 1400’s when decks of cards were first used as a form of common entertainment, poker only really emerged in later centuries. Let Them Ride poker was the invention of Shufflemaster Gaming, a gambling company, in 1993. Since then, the game greatly increased in popularity, both online and offline.

In Let Them Ride Poker, players are not playing against the dealer or other players. Instead, they have to create the best possible poker hand using three dealt cards and two community cards. To win the game, players need to create a poker hand of no less than a pair of tens. The name of Let Them Ride derives from the fact that players have the option of taking back the first two out of their three bets during the course of the game, before ‘letting them ride’.

You can find out much more about Let Them Ride Poker by reading the detailed description of Let Them Ride Poker at Wikipedia where the land game version is discussed (Let it Ride Poker).