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The Mummy Slots game

The Mummy Video Slots – Game Review

The Mummy was first produced as a horror movie in 1932, starring Boris Karloff in the leading roll. In 1999 it was re-made into an adventure series starring Arnold Vosloo as The Mummy and Brendan Fraser as the adventurer, with Rachel Weisz, as his girl friend and Egyptologist. Egyptians are the worlds’ best known mummifiers. Their expertise in this field dates back some 4500-5000 years. First the body is taken to a tent known as ‘The place of purification’, and washed with Palm wine, then rinsed with water from the Nile. A cut is made on the left side of the body and all the internal organs removed, except the heart, and dried out. A hole is made through the nose into the brain, which is removed by a long hook instrument. After forty days the body is washed again and then covered with oils to keep the skin elastic. The internal organs were placed in ‘Canopic Jars’ which were buried with the body. The Body now gets wrapped starting at the head, then the feet and hands. All fingers and toes are individually wrapped, as are the arms and legs. Amulets of the various gods are placed on the body, after which the whole body is wrapped and placed in a coffin with a scroll of ‘The Book of the Dead’. The outer wrapping of the mummy generally has a picture of the Egyptian god Osiris painted on. The coffin is then placed in a second coffin and then into a sarcophagus. This process was only done for the wealthy or royalty.

The Mummy is a 5 reel, 25 payline video slot with a wild symbol,scatter pay,and a host of different feature games, which you can select during the main game. There is also a, free games feature which give you five free spins and a bonus spin. The wild symbol becomes an expanding wild in the feature, and in the Scarab feature a wild on reel 3 will give 2 random wild on reels 2 and 3. The graphics and colour in this game are just phenomenal.

What type of slot is The Mummy Video slot?

  • Reels – 5 reels
  • Pay lines – 25
  • Coin sizes – .25, .5, 1.0, 2.5, 5.0
  • Coins per pay line – 1-5
  • Highest Pay line – 50,000 coins
  • Wild Symbol – yes
  • Scatter- yes
  • Feature – 8 winnable features
  • Free spins – yes
  • Gamble – no

What are the Mummys’ slot paylines?

  • Wild symbol – yes on lines 2, 3, and 4
  • Rick the Adventurer – 5 x 10000
  • Evie the girl friend – 5 x 2000
  • Mummy and Lover  – 5 x 500
  • Scorpion – 5 x 250
  • Scatter mummy – 5 x 150
  • Book of the dead and Amulet 5 x 75
  • Scarab, gun, Canopic Jar – 5 x 50