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Casino Games Review – Blackjack

Thanks to the low house edge and excitement surrounding the game, it can safely be said that blackjack played as a table game as well as online blackjack is one of the most popular games in the entire gambling industry. This card game, played between the dealer and the gambler, brings together perfectly elements of excitement, luck and skill, and is much sought after by any level of player, both online and offline.


Casino Card Games
Card games similar to Blackjack were played from around the 1500s, although the French game of ‘vingt un’ (21) was probably the forefather of Blackjack as we know it today. The game found its way across the oceans to North America, and in the 1900’s, the term ‘Blackjack’ was coined and the name stuck. Blackjack has evolved successfully to the internet gambling industry and many different variants have been created as a spin-off to the game. Multi hand Blackjack and tournaments are also great favorites.

The objective of Blackjack is to create a hand out of hands that does not exceed 21 in total and to beat the dealer’s hand, without going ‘bust’ (going over 21). The player’s success in Blackjack can be greatly improved by learning a basic strategy of the game.

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